Pokemon Card Game Sun & Moon Expansion Pack Tag Team GX BOX

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Need extra power?

Now you can, not with a double battle but with the new Tag Team GX Expansion!

Even the most unexpected Pokemon have teamed up together to combined their power.

Can you pull one of the Full Artwork's?

There will be 12 different Tag Team full arts, which also include the secret unleased ‘Dou Thunder Team’ Pikachu and Zekrom and the only matching pair Latias and Latios, second full art card's.

1 Box = 30 Packs = 5 Cards = 150 Cards

Good odds!


【Scheduled to ship after release date 7th December 2018】Please note : Prices are subject to change at anytime.

1 Pack = 5 Cards

1 Box = 30 Packs 

~ Stock will arrive 7-15 days after release date and then sent out Asap!